CelestNet – Navigating The Future Of Lunar Missions

September 20, 2023

Navigating the Future of Lunar Missions with CelestNet As humanity inches closer to becoming an interplanetary species, the importance of reliable and efficient communication and navigation systems cannot be overstated. […]

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Seven Reasons You Should Have An Experienced Aerospace Engineer On Your Hiring Team

September 14, 2023

As you already know, the aerospace engineering field is highly dynamic, technical, and notoriously difficult to hire for. At CREAN, we understand this, and we help overcome the challenges associated […]

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How CREAN is Creating Interplanetary Communication and Navigation to Drive the Lunar Economy

June 9, 2023

Hundreds of exploration, commercialization, and scientific lunar missions are planned to launch in the coming years, and all of them will require a high-speed communication and navigation infrastructure to succeed. That’s one of the reasons why CREAN developed CelestNet – Internet for the Solar System.

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The Path to Operational Excellence

April 2, 2022

“We keep working harder and producing less.”  Have you ever said that to yourself or to your colleague and wonder when is it going to end?  Or the famous, “we […]

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digital supply chain podcast

The Digital Supply Chain podcast: James Crean Talks Smart Factories And Making The Complex Seem Simple

October 22, 2021

  James Crean featured on The Digital Supply Chain Podcast with Tom Raftery discussing how CREAN provides Smart Factory Transformations through our People, Process, and Technology approach to achieve optimization […]

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Austin Business Journal profiles CEO Jennifer Crean

September 2, 2021

Austin Business Journal Profile: Jennifer Crean brings Texas twist to Austin firm with global perspective   In this Journal Profile, we sit down with a CEO leading a unique Austin […]

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