CREAN provides Continuous Improvement training. This training takes on multiple forms from base Lean-to advanced level training incorporating, the Toyota Production System, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Quality Assurance and Smart Factory Technologies. The intent is to provide organizations and individuals the ability to not only ensure a successful implementation of optimization activities but to elevate participants knowledge on “How To” with both repetitive and Low Rate manufacturing.

The challenge of continuously evolving business processes has never been greater.

Those that can adapt quickly are positioned to be the leaders within their marketplace.

Understanding the urgency has led CREAN to develop a proprietary method that embraces all continuous improvement tools and techniques, optimal utilization of information systems and Smart Factory Technologies to provide a rapid enterprise-wide transformation, referred to as the House of Crean.

We have developed a new CREAN Optimization Methodology which provides training on the House of Crean. The training is in the form of multiple levels such as Introductory – Quality – Flow – Smart Factory Technology – Master Class.  This will better prepare you to maintain the optimum Flow at different levels of you organization.


The CREAN Optimization Methodology  (COM) is comprised of 5 modules:

1. Introduction module

This is where we look at where we come from, where we are and where we need to go.  We will also discuss the foundation on the House of CREAN, which includes, How do we develop a Enterprise-Wide culture and how do we invest time and money in order to create real-time Visibility / Insight / Control.

2. Quality Pillar

We will go into Quality Assurance, Critical Thinking, DFMEA, SPC, Process Capability Analysis and Structured Problem Solving and rapid response techniques.

3. Flow Pillar

We will discuss 7 Flows, Level Loading, Map the Enterprise, Factory Layout, 7 Wastes, Standard Work, Pull/Kanban and Rapid Set-up / Deprep.

4. Smart Factory Technologies/Principles

We will go into fundamental elements such as Asset Visibility  & Control, Digital Routing, Predictive Maintenance, Additive Manufacturing, Supplier Connectivity, Machine Learning/AI and Remote Assistance

5. Master Class

Designed to provide the participant with a hands-on educational experience, moving beyond the class room and gain experience on how to apply the Crean Optimization Methodology.

At the heart of everything We Do stand these 3 drivers

  • Must positively affect the P&L
  • All enterprise improvement activities must be Quantifiable
  • All improvement activities are executed as an enterprise plan not to hold improvement discrete events

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