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The Path to Operational Excellence

“We keep working harder and producing less.”  Have you ever said that to yourself or to your colleague and wonder when is it going to end?  Or the famous, “we need to work smarter not harder” followed by few if any smart ideas on how to do that.  It is all too common, and all too true.

That is why CREAN developed a framework for successful Smart Factory implementations and that framework starts with the CREAN Operational Excellence Survey.  We did not just think it up.  It is based on decades of experience of experts having worked with hundreds of organizations to work out how to work smarter and how to produce more while eliminating the crazy amount of overtime.  There is one thing you can be sure of and that is, doing the same thing day after day and expecting better results will not happen.  So, we recommend using approaches that are proven to work and we work collaboratively to tailor those approaches to meet the needs of our clients.

The CREAN Operational Excellence Survey gives insight the client’s operations, showing areas of strength and weakness for the following categories:  Inventory, Bill or Materials, Scheduling, Work in Progress, KPIs and Data Visualization, Maintenance,  and Technology.

With results from the Survey, we can begin an Initial Assessment, giving you real time answers and solutions to your production issues.  Do we have the free capacity available to take that big order or will we need to shift resources or make some new investments?  When can we promise delivery?  Are our resources properly deployed?  Should the whole plant be on OT, a select few, or no one if we deployed more efficiently?  What is the cost of poor quality?  What is the cost of unplanned maintenance?  And, lest we forget, what is the TRUE capacity of my operation (you would be amazed at the answers we typically get – far more with far less overtime, usually)?  And that just scratches the surface on what your organization learns when we work together.

When our experts engage with a client,  we start with the Operational Excellence Survey.  It is our way of learning about your company.  We firmly believe you cannot improve what you do not understand.  It is the foundational analysis needed to make informed decisions.

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