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CREAN Announces Partnership with Space Comms Startup Aquarian Space

Smart Factory technology and hands-on aerospace engineering consulting firm CREAN® has announced a new partnership with interplanetary communications provider Aquarian Space.

Aquarian Space is the world’s first internet service provider for the solar system, building commercial high-data-rate, high-speed delivery communications networks for the moon and beyond. CREAN® will provide its systems engineering, integration, and testing expertise to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of Aquarian’s innovative model. Together, they will supercharge Aquarian’s mission to create the long-overdue interplanetary communications infrastructure needed for the next wave of lunar and deep-space exploration.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with the teams of engineering, operational, and industry experts from CREAN®,” said Kelly Larson, CEO and cofounder of Aquarian Space. “Powered by CREAN®, we are building the most powerful technical team of any startup in the industry. The benefit of CREAN’s technical expertise and industry experience and reputation as a partner with Aquarian is an unprecedented array of resources injected into a startup.”

The number of missions flying in lunar space alone is set to exponentially grow over the next decade, but the current lunar and deep space communication technology has barely changed in the last 60 years. Aquarian is delivering lunar and deep space communication technology for the 21st century by bringing relay satellites to customers in space and offering faster delivery and more cost-effective communications. CREAN®, using its industry-leading Smart Factory technology and its integrated focus on people, process, and technology, will help enhance Aquarian’s capacity across all levels of production and delivery.

Together, the companies’ leadership teams boast decades of experience in manufacturing innovation, small-business leadership, and aerospace engineering. They have contributed to over 50 major missions and worked with some of the most prominent aerospace companies in the world.

“This partnership presents CREAN® with an exciting opportunity to use our consultation capacities to empower a high-growth startup,” said James Crean, President and CTO of CREAN®. “Aquarian is building needed infrastructure for future space exploration, and we are proud to contribute to that mission.”


CREAN® provides services to industries looking to be at the cutting edge of innovation in engineering and Smart Factory production operations. By combining engineering talent from the aerospace industry with leading Smart Factory specialists, they help their clients develop systems from ideas to full scale production. CREAN® is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) for U.S. government contracting purposes as well as the manufacturing industry sector. The firm is located at 1200 Lakeway Drive, Suite 7, in Austin, Texas. For additional information, call CREAN® at (512)-337-6587 or visit https://www.creaninc.com.

Aquarian Space is an internet service provider for the solar system, building the first commercial high data rate, high speed delivery communications network for the moon and beyond. Aquarian helps commercial and government customers get the data flow they need for growing performance on lunar missions and future Mars missions. Aquarian Space is located in Boulder, CO.  For additional information contact [email protected], or visit http://www.aquarianspace.com