Communications Antenna, Arrays, RF Electronics & Optical

Component and system-level design, analysis, and testing for maximized time in service, increased safety, and significantly reduced malfunction rates.

Communication Systems Are Imperative For Mission Success. Harness Our Expertise.

The COMM team is composed of systems engineers and hardware specialists in antenna systems, microwave hardware, optical systems, and RF components to meet all of your system architecture, design, full hardware build, and performance requirements. The COMM team consistently upholds excellence in all aspects, guaranteeing exceptional performance of your systems when it’s needed most.

COMM Support Scenarios

When developing or executing mission concepts, you need a team of communication system and product engineers who ensure the best hardware choices, project execution, compliance, and system performance. The COMM team provides experience in various commercial and government satellite systems including communications, navigation, and sensor satellites.

Communications engineers working on project together

Find the right expertise to fit your program needs.

RF Systems Design, Analysis & Test

  • Payload Subsystem Engineering, Spec Development
  • Passive Microwave, Filters, Switches, Horns, & Feeds
  • System Performance Analysis & Simulation
  • RF Link Budgets, End-to-End Performance Analysis
  • EIRP, G/T, Special Waveforms
  • Composites & Stable Mechanical Design & Analysis
  • High Power, Multipactor, Corona (Ionization Breakdown)
  • PIM Elimination & Testing
  • Anechoic NF/FF Range Testing

Phased Arrays/Antenna Analysis & Test

  • GRASP Analysis
  • Phased Array Subsystem & Component Design
  • Antenna Design & Analysis
  • Reflector Antennas, Axial Symmetric, Offset
  • Multiple Apertures
  • Feed Component Design
  • Amplifiers, Linearizers, Converters
  • Payload Electronics

Optical & Cross-Functional Solutions

  • Optical Systems Design, Optical Benches
  • Beam Waveguide Systems
  • Thermally Stable Structures
  • Payload Performance Optimization
  • Laser Communications & Cross-Links
  • Complex Deployable Systems


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