Launch, Missiles, Missions & Propulsion

Advanced launch, propulsion, and missile systems experts for aerospace missions, contributing to groundbreaking accomplishments.

Your launch depends on the right propulsion solution. Leverage our experts.

Getting from launch site to final destination in an efficient and cost-effective manner requires highly integrated solutions for your structural, thermal, power, and propulsion subsystems. Our LMMP experts provide hands-on knowledge to optimize your propulsion systems from idea through launch.

LMMP Support Scenarios

You need on-orbit and launch experts to define requirements, conduct accurate orbital/trajectory analysis, and perform trade studies to ensure the optimal propulsion system is selected for your mission.

LMMP Verification

Find the right expertise to fit your program needs.

Launch Systems

  • Delivery Orbit Mission Designs & Profiles
  • Manage/Support Integration Efforts
  • Space Vehicle Fueling Operations
  • Requirement Development & Execution
  • POGO Analysis
  • Launch Site Regulation Support

Missile Systems

  • Propulsion Integration Management & Support
  • Ground & Flight Test Support
  • System Control Hardware/Software Development
  • Thrust Vector Design & Evaluation
  • Proposal Management / Support
  • Major Vendor Contract Oversight
  • Risk Assessment & Analysis

Propulsion Systems

  • End-to-End Subsystem
  • Design / Review
  • Storable Propellant Expertise
  • Electric Propulsion Expertise
  • Green Propellant Expertise
  • Solid Propellant Expertise
  • Combustion Design & Analysis
  • Component Design & Analysis
  • Pressure Budget Analysis
  • Propellant & Pressurant Tank Evaluation


“ Several difficult issues arose and CREAN quickly brought in additional personnel on an ad-hoc basis with the expertise to define a solution and the technical gravitas to convince the customer it was the right approach. ”

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Interim Experts

Have a specific expertise gap that you need to fill fast? Or maybe just a seasoned professional for QA/QC and testing?

Project Consulting

Have an idea and need the team to see it through? CREAN® has dedicated teams across multiple space and manufacturing disciplines at the ready to help you bring your ideas to fruition.