Manufacturing Optimization

CREAN integrates not just Technology Systems, but integrates People, Processes and Technology.

Smart Factory Operations & Specialties

CREAN integrates not just Technology Systems, but integrates People, Processes and Technology.  Doing that requires Outstanding People, Leading Edge Technology, and Modern, Flexible Process methods that deliver faster, establish competitive cost objectives, and benchmarks game-changing performance.

What Needs to Happen to Fully Integrate People, Process, and Technology™


  • Commitment to continuous learning ensures employee skills which drive future success (Skills & Mindset)
  • Working together internally and with suppliers is critical to controlling outcomes (Supplier Collaboration)
  • Transparency, involvement, and adaptation will capture your customers’ attention (Customer Connectivity)


  • The seven flows always reign supreme through integrated solution (Seven Flows)
  • To meet demand for rapid delivery and turns, quality must improve, both of which reduce cost (Quality/Delivery/Cost)
  • Real-time information systems make People, Processes and Technology more efficient and agile. Making decisions based on information versus just data is far more productive and effective (Information & Control)


  • Digital Transformation is all about real-time data collection, analytics, and information flow to every team member.  A simple implementation of well-thought-out sensors delivers rapid improvements.  Take things step-by-step assuring success at each level of improvement to achieve assured performance improvements with selected automationpredictive maintenance, and self-prioritizing operations.
  • Drop in the SFOS (Smart Factory Operating System)™ and Smart Rack / Smart Bench™ WIP Tracking System and you will have instant real-time Visibility, Insight, & Acceleration™ using an AI Algorithm customized to your operation that improves predictable on-time deliveries, prioritizes work for maximum operational efficiency, and provides your shop floor leaders actionable data-driven insights to improve operational effectiveness.  No ERP yet?  No problem, Crean’s VIAAI Smart Rack & Bench™ gives growing companies just what they need to scale fast and effectively using a light-weight solution.
  • Data transformed into actionable information delivers decisions that maximize performance with clear Data Analytics & Insights.
  • Digital Asset Tracking effortlessly provides real-time Work-in-Process (WIP) location Visibility and assures that the right Item is in the right place at the right time to maximize Factory Resource Utilization.
  • (Asset Tracking & Utilization). This will also allow you to manage your Tool Calibration in real-time

Knowledge is Power

CREAN provides you with a Smart Transformation Roadmap, which shows you where you are and where you can go.  This detailed Transformational Roadmap is a result of our team and their knowledge and experience, which consists of 500+ subject matter experts with a track record of more than $500M+ value-added impact and has evaluated more than 150 best-in-class platforms.

Knowledge is power, which includes experience and we want to share ours with your organization.  We will Accelerate your delivery, help you Innovate faster in order to stay ahead of your competition and Optimize your operation by converting Data into real-time information.

This Smart Transformational Roadmap will Integrate the evolution of your PeopleProcesses and Technology.


Operational Optimization

  • Capacity Optimization Analysis
  • Factory/Production Layout Design
  • Cycle Time Reduction
  • On-Time Delivery Improvement
  • Product Quality Improvement
  • Operational Cost Reduction


  • RFID / Asset Tracking
  • Smart Flow™ Solutions

Operational Insight

  • Data Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • Risk Assessment


  • Crean Optimization Methodology
  • Goals - Highest Quality, On-Time Deliveries, Reduced Cost

Integrated Solutions

  • Supply Chain Alignment
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment
  • Critical Supplier Review & Development
  • Vertical Integration

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