Quality, Reliability, Radiation & Specialty

Component and system-level design, analysis, and testing for maximized time in service, increased safety, and significantly reduced malfunction rates.

Increased Performance For Extended System Lifetimes

The QRRS team is dedicated to ensuring your systems succeed for as long as possible. The QRRS team uses their specialized expertise to develop requirements, assure their implementation, and verify that they are met at every level from the systems down to individual components.

QRRS Support Scenarios

The initial quality requirements are laid out, but you are unsure how to proceed and you need a team of professionals to ensure your product will meet all aspects of reliability and survivability. The QRRS team will break down the requirements into different product levels so you can move forward with the project.

Leadership & execution for QRRS

Find the right expertise to fit your program needs.

Quality & Reliability

  • Safety, Reliability, & Maintainability
  • Safety system engineering
  • Quality Systems / Supplier Quality Assurance, Inspections
  • Failure Modes & Effects, RCCA, Fault Trees, Failure Reviews
  • Risk Management


  • Space Radiation Environmental
  • Analysis, Requirements Development & Assessment
  • Analysis/test planning includes Total Dose, SEU, EMI/EMC/ESD and Cosmic Ray
  • Parts Selection, Analysis, & Screening
  • Electrical Characterization Pre -Rad, Post Rad & Insitu
  • Shielding for Manned & Unmanned Space Systems
  • Plasmas, Gases & Ionization
  • Thruster Plume Infringement Assessments
  • Micrometeroid & Atomic Oxygen Analysis
  • Space Debris Analysis & Mitigation
  • Solar Particle Events, Coronal Mass Ejections


  • Space Weather, Contamination, Debris mitigation
  • Human Rating Requirements & Testing


“ Several difficult issues arose and CREAN quickly brought in additional personnel on an ad-hoc basis with the expertise to define a solution and the technical gravitas to convince the customer it was the right approach. ”

Leading Aerospace Company

Find the Space Expertise to Fit Your Program Needs

Interim Experts

Have a specific expertise gap that you need to fill fast? Or maybe just a seasoned professional for QA/QC and testing?

Project Consulting

Have an idea and need the team to see it through? CREAN® has dedicated teams across multiple space and manufacturing disciplines at the ready to help you bring your ideas to fruition.