Jennifer Crean, Co-Founder, CEO/CFO

Mrs. Jennifer Crean is an aerospace executive with extensive experience supporting the growth and development of companies ranging from Fortune 100 to aerospace start-ups. In 2002, after nearly two decades of financial, operational, and program office experience in aerospace and other industries, she cofounded Crean & Associates with her husband, James.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Crean helped companies develop integrated technology and management plans for both large scale government and a wide range of commercial systems seeking to grow and expand their markets. Her extensive aerospace experience includes work for Hughes Space & Communications, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and AMPAC. In addition, she supported the NASA Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System and the GOES-N,O,P Weather Satellite Systems.

Jennifer Crean is a graduate from Brock University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She recently received the Consulting Women Leaders in Technology Award, and you can read more about her in a featured spotlight in the Austin Business Journal. She is married with three children.


James Crean, Co-Founder, President / CTO

Mr. James Crean is an aerospace innovator with a passion for developing advanced space systems and implementing smart factory technology and methods in the US. 

Mr. Crean worked at Hughes Space & Communications and Boeing as a systems engineer and program manager developing systems including DirecTV, NASA TRDSS, and other advanced commercial and government communications and weather satellites. He created and led the Lean Six Sigma group for Boeing Satellites. 

Mr. Crean founded CREAN Inc in 2002 which has 7 teams of hundreds of aerospace experts who help clients engineer advanced space and launch systems.  Additionally, CREAN’s real-time, AI-enabled Smart Factory Operating System (SFOS)™ automates factory optimization and provides Visibility, Insight & Acceleration™ to maximize the efficiency of production environments. 

Mr. Crean has an MBA from UCLA, an MS in Aerospace Engineering from USC, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science from UC Berkeley. He is married with 3 children. 

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SEIT Team Lead & CelestNet CTO

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VP, Engineering Support

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