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Carbon nano tube wiring

Carbon Nanotubes: The Future for Wiring where Weight and Strength are Key

Carbon Nanotubes, referred to as Black CNT can be used as a wire substrate, showing a 40% weight saving, and merely nearly 8x stronger than steel. This is huge for space applications where weight can be traded for fuel, battery power, payload or RF power. They can also be beneficial for aircraft, automotive, or other weight-sensitive applications. and will be used for a long mission in Space.

The primary ingredient is Carbon, there is plenty of it around, the trick is using a reactor to align the molecules in a fashion to be useful. In CNT, they come out like short pieces of straw, are bound up in a linear fashion to create fibers (still smaller than a hair), and the pieces are bundled together to build out the diameter.  They can then be woven into a pattern for structures (like fiberglass), or straight, then paired/built up to match current wire sizes (e.g. American AWG standards).

CREAN Electrical Engineering team experts help companies explore the future of Carbon Nano Tubes to meet Mil Standards, develop manufacturing methods, and write specifications for the design, manufacture, and test of this very promising technology.

CREAN.  For when it does take a rocket scientist.