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Space radiation analysis

Radiation Analysis Ensures 

CREAN, Inc. was brought in by a prime aerospace company to perform radiation analysis on electronic components as part of a satellite payload program for a government customer.  These components include 32Gb Flash NAND, 8Gb DDR2, Processors and FPGAs.  All these components are integral to most satellite communication payloads and bus subsystems.

Analysis requires expertise and experience in the space environment semiconductor physics, circuit design, and understanding of space systems architecture and software.  Components were analyzed for various single event effects (SEE) including latch-up (SEL), functional interrupt (SEFI), upset (SEU), and transient upset(SET).  These effects were investigated for  GEO orbit for both heavy ion and proton background environments and the worst-week during Anonymously Large Solar Flare (ALSF).

The CREAN Specialty Engineering Team provided an assessment and mitigation recommendations where appropriate with detailed analysis reports.  The overall team has over a hundred years of radiation analysis and hands-on experience on more than 75 space programs for both commercial and military applications.  This extensive experience has built a specialized knowledge and skill on critical components and depth in understanding the space environments and their effects and developed software tools to facilitate the SEE analysis; in addition, had accumulated a large part radiation database.  The customer was extremely happy with the team’s performance and is looking for continued support on other programs forward.

CREAN.  For when it does take a rocket scientist.