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Automated Drilling End Effector

Automation That Delivers Quality & Precision

Automation takes many forms and CREAN provides both the Engineering Services and the Smart Factory Transformation Services needed to help guide you through the process of automating critical process steps, select the right technologies, and integrate them into a complete solution.  Automation should always start with Process analysis and the People to support it.  Your process needs to achieve the proper maturity level to begin otherwise your automation will lead to poor outcomes.  If your process quality maturity is insufficient, you may automate the production of poor quality products, which leads only to more items requiring rework.   Whereas if your Capacity Optimization Analysis is insufficient you may not produce products fast enough to meet demand or often worse, too fast, both of which create significant challenges to the production operation.

The CREAN Manufacturing Engineering & Methods team has expertise in automated drilling for aerospace and defense (A&D) structures and other complex, build-to-order high-precision products. We design, build integrate, test and maintain automated systems solutions (robotic enabled and other approaches) that deliver vision-guided, end effectors to the structure to be drilled. CREAN systems can also automate fastener delivery and installation.  Much of the A&D supply base is underserved in this area and can increase quality, throughput and profitability with greater drill automation.  Let our team of experts help evaluate solutions from multiple vendors and integrate those systems into your production environment.  There are numerous complexities to consider, let us simplify the process and accelerate your path to a solution that exceeds your expectations.

CREAN.  Complexity Simplified.