Advanced Manufacturing Now: The Importance of Being Able to Pivot

On the Advanced Manufacturing Now podcast, James Crean of Crean, Inc. discusses the importance of being able to pivot manufacturing and supply chains in times of crisis, highlighted by the coronavirus pandemic.
Crean Inc. President James Crean discusses the post-pandemic future of manufacturing. His firm has been helping companies implement smart manufacturing tech so they can be more flexible and able to pivot, whenever necessary. Supply chains need to be brought back to the U.S., in part because of mass customization and “Amazon-time” demands, he says. He also prescribes ways for smaller companies to take advantage of demand shifts in the marketplace. Listen here
Crean Inc. provides services to industries looking to be at the cutting edge of innovation. By combining engineering talent from the aerospace industry with leading Smart Factory specialists, they help their clients develop systems from ideas to full-scale production. Crean understands the challenges of modern-day manufacturing supply chains and the pressure to deliver products quickly. Standards and production processes are constantly changing, and Crean helps manufacturing operations to implement Smart Factory methods and technologies that will outperform all competition and help companies adapt to these changes and remain competitive in the U.S. market.
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