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Internet for the Solar System

CREAN's Space-Based Relay Network provides high data rate communications reliably, 24/7 (earth days).

Open Up Unprecedented Possibilities For Upcoming Missions To The Moon And Beyond

CelestNet will provide real-time data, voice, and high-definition video communication services that will open up unprecedented possibilities for exploration and commercialization in upcoming missions to the moon and beyond.

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Redundant systems with 24/7 lunar global and orbital coverage.

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Over 10x current capability increasing with market demand.

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High accuracy lunar global Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT)

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No new technology required. Backward and future compatible

Intricate Design for Exceptional Performance

CelestNet’s advanced satellite communication capabilities, exploration, commercialization, and scientific lunar missions can now be pursued with greater efficiency and capability than ever before.


Relay Services

Flexible data rates up to 200 Mbps to and from the moon.


Satellite Design

Heritage, flight-proven space and ground systems includes flexible and configurable system. Fully compliant with NASA NSN requirements.


Satellite Design

Unique orbital configuration provides coverage to entire lunar surface and lunar orbits including far side relay service


Frequency Bands

Flexible service in S, X, and Ka frequencies and LunaNet compatible


Ground Network

Heritage globally integrated government or commercial ground network systems providing mission to user end-to-end encryption capability


Superior Service for Mission Success

With CelestNet, we engineer, deliver, and test your spacecraft comm system while you focus on your mission.

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High bandwidth bi-directional data, video, voice, and text

Always-on telemetry, command, and mission data service

Scalable, high-capacity system means no competing for service

Flexible, multi-channel, multi-protocol to meet your requirements

“Astronauts and robotic missions need to have precise location information and real-time, high-bandwidth communications at all times, and CelestNet will help them meet critical mission requirements.”

John Rotondo,
CelestNet Program Manager

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Michael Heinze

Comm PIL Lead

Michael has 40 years experience in satellite payload development, Syst Engr, & technical leadership. Recent focuses include NASA TDRS, DTH, MSS, and Broadband Payloads.

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Mike Rabban

Systems Engineering Leader

Mike has a deep understanding and practical background in applying systems engineering and project management principles to design, develop and operate launch vehicles, space stations, lunar landers, and ground systems for the past 22 years. He has delivered complex space systems for NASA, Missile Defense Agency, US Army, US Navy, and Commercial Space ventures. His talent for turning a challenging vision into executable technical plans and integrating complex systems will ensure timely delivery of quality communications services for Aquarian’s customers.

Headshot of John Rotondo

John Rotondo

Program Manager

John has established a reputation over his 40 years in Satellite Communications for strong technical leadership and excellent Customer satisfaction. He has leveraged his passion for System Engineering and Program Management to deliver 22 different satellites and 3 separate ground stations on commercial and government programs with domestic and international Customers. His depth and breadth of satellite system experience positions CelestNet to deliver reliable and affordable end-to-end Communications services to its Customers.

Headshot of Jennifer Crean

Jennifer Crean

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Crean is an aerospace executive with extensive experience supporting the growth and development of companies ranging from Fortune 100 to aerospace start-ups. Throughout her career, she has helped companies develop integrated technology and management plans for both large scale government and a wide range of commercial systems seeking to grow and expand their markets. Her extensive aerospace experience includes work for Hughes Space & Communications, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and AMPAC. In addition, she supported the NASA Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System and the GOES-N,O,P Weather Satellite Systems.

Add Superior Space Communications to Your Next Project with CelestNet.

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