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Smart Factory Operating System™

CREAN Smart Factory Operating system™ Software & Smart Rack Solutions

Smart Factory Operating System™ was developed by CREAN to fill a need we see too often in small to medium-sized businesses to help them manage the complexity of a high mix production environment.  It couples Smart Factory asset tracking technology with Smart Factory software that lets you know how well work is flowing through your operation, manage priorities even when quality escapes and other issues happen, and provide you real-time improvement insights that deliver unprecedented production process control.

Smart Factory Operating System™ gives you VisibilityInsight and Control over your workflow.  Through this technology you will be able to identify whether the right items are in production, where it is, if you are running on schedule or not, and prioritize product flow to your best financially benefit.  This technology not only collects data from the floor, but also helps drive the right behavior on the floor.  It is also capable of reporting on delays and quality escapes or any other “excursions.”  With unparalleled Visibility into your supply chain, you gain benefits both inside your four walls and throughout the key elements of your entire supply chain.

Finally, with your process so under control and predictable, you can now provide insight to your customer on their delivery status in a novel way that eliminates endless meetings and provides differentiating visibility and additional revenue.