Factory/ Production Layout Design


One of the most undervalued activities is making sure that the layout of your factory is providing you with the best possible layout for your overall production goals.  When you build a new facility this is being looked at, however what happens when changes are being made?  These changes could be adding a product or product line or taking one out, or changing out a tool or adding one, improving a process or overall quality.  All of these scenarios could potentially impact the flow of your factory/Production line and therefore your layout needs to be looked at.

When it is time for a new facility or new layout, call CREAN and our experts can work with your team to develop a solution that fits your needs and meets your forward-looking objectives.

If have had a significant change in volume, product mix, customer requirements, overtime, available resources, equipment, manufacturing methods, or quality, you should have CREAN perform a quick Layout & Process Check-up – something that should be done at least every 18-24 months to ensure your factory is operating at optimal performance and those new technologies that may help you are being considered.

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