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Impressive Covid-19 Supply Chain Pivots

In Inbound Logistics, James Crean answers their “Good Question” about Covid-19 supply chain pivots:

What COVID-19 supply chain pivot impressed you the most? Why?

“Forward-thinking manufacturers quickly pivoted business to meet the needs of front-line pandemic workers—producing face shields, masks, and other essential supplies. These unsung heroes deliver a nationwide service that highlights American entrepreneurship, the value of smart factory technologies like 3D printing, and the importance of flexible production.”

—James Crean
Co-founder, President, and CTO

CREAN, Inc., is an American company focused on helping businesses implement Smart Factory technologies that increase efficiency and profits. As an aerospace innovator with a passion for driving the implementation of Smart Factory technologies in the U.S., CREAN, Inc. supports some of the largest Fortune 100 companies in the world and works with entrepreneurs in engineering new innovative systems to produce them faster and more efficiently than competitors.