CREAN COVID-19 Task Force

On 23 March 2020 the CREAN leadership announced the formation of the CREAN Corona Virus Task Force.  The purpose of this team was to identify, plan, and execute ways that the CREAN team could contribute to the US and worldwide fight of the Corona Virus.

The team in conjunction with our company’s partners and teammates developed a response plan that identified three stages of the crisis and defined a response plan for each phase.  Those phases are,

  1. Response
  2. Recovery
  3. Reconstitution

Response Phase

During the Response Phase our focus is supporting the immediate needs of the sick and those front-line warriors fighting the battle using all available resources.  Our team is executing on the following key contributions identified for this Response Phase:

  1. We have offered our services to companies throughout the United States to aid them in rapidly scaling their production operations.  Using our skill for rapid capacity optimization assessments, we are able in just days to aid companies rapidly expand capacity, accelerate deliveries, and ensure they quality of Covid products.
  2. We have engaged our supply chain experts and our worldwide network of partners and associates to identify immediate worldwide sources of supply of PPE, Ventilators, and other items in critical need.
  3. Our supply chain experts have identified assisted living facilities, hospitals, and critical care facilities in need of PPE and aided in connecting them with new sources of supply to meet their rapidly expanding demand.

Recovery Phase

During the Recovery Phase our focus is aiding companies in the US meet the ongoing demand without excessive reliance on overseas supply chains.

  1. We have designed new production operations for PPE items to aid in expanding local sources of supply with the expectation of ramping production from 100’s of thousands to millions of deliveries per month.
  2. Our engineering and supply chain experts and partners are analyzing current supply chains for critical shortages and identifying ways to fill those shortages with US and local sources of supply.  From raw materials to intermediate constituents to finished goods warehousing and logistics, the team is working on integrated solutions to aid companies match the ongoing demand with efficient and low-cost local supply solutions.
  3. We are offering our services to companies that must re-analyze their production operations to meet what may be a very different customer demand landscape in an intermediate-term post Covid shutdown economy using our Capacity Optimization Analysis framework.

Reconstitution Phase

In many ways, this is the most critical phase for the United States.  Well, executed, the Reconstitution that is bound to occur in the US economy will have significant job growth due to the onshoring of overseas supply chains and a new supplier risk assessment dynamic.  Despite the new onshore engineering and manufacturing opportunities, the economic pressures from the COVID-related downturn will mean that only the most efficient and effective producers will emerge successfully in the Post-crisis economy.

During this phase our focus will be helping companies demonstrate that US Manufacturers can retool using Smart Manufacturing processes and methods that will make the US manufacturing industrial complex the envy of the world.

  1. We are continuing to invest heavily in Smart Manufacturing technologies and methods that we know will drive the needed efficiencies in the post-Covid economy. From Smart Racks / Smart Benches to open-air visibility and tracking systems, to predictive maintenance, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence, our solutions integrate people, processes, and technology in ways that ensure US companies compete and win.
  2. We continue to develop a broad array of Industry 4.0 partners that have leading technologies which we integrate into exceptionally effective and efficient solutions for US companies.
  3. We continue to focus on solutions that provide system level Visibility, Insight, & Control™ that deliver digitally integrated decision support to front line supervisors and C-suite executives alike that ensure they develop and maintain a world-wide dominant position in their industry.
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