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Advanced Waveguide Technologies Selects CREAN Inc. for Capacity Optimization and Smart Factory Technology

Smart Factory Transformation and Aerospace Engineering Services firm CREAN Inc. is pleased to announce its selection by California-based aerospace supply company Advanced Waveguide Technologies (AWT) for manufacturing capacity optimization, production visibility and Smart Factory technology assistance.

CREAN’s initial project with AWT aims to increase production capacity and reduce manufacturing cycle time. To achieve these objectives, CREAN will implement their Capacity Optimization Solution and Smart Factory Operating System™ including Smart Racks and Benches that provide real-time production visibility, insight and process control.

AWT CEO Garrett Biele believes that this partnership will increase the company’s manufacturing capacity, gain visibility into their manufacturing process and better manage the end-to-end product flow.

“In today’s ever-changing market, we at AWT knew that we had to adapt to these changes, and therefore decided to partner with CREAN. By leaning on their team’s experience as well as the technology they have developed, we feel that we can improve our capacity and throughput without managing this through increases and decreases in personnel,” Biele said. “Our team has jumped on board and we are ready to move to the next phase of our implementation schedule. It’s been great working with the CREAN team and we are looking forward to working together to make AWT the leader in waveguide manufacturing.”

“We are confident that our optimization approach coupled with our patented technology will provide maximum production capacity for AWT, allowing them to outperform competitors,” Co-Founder James Crean said. “Our Smart Factory Operating System™ provide our clients with real-time information resulting in game-changing efficiencies and results, and we are excited to deploy our technology and expertise to aid in AWT’s long-term success. AWT’s industry leading capability to produce custom, complex, communication hardware requires them to be at the forefront of innovation, and we are proud to partner with them.”

CREAN provides services to industries looking to be at the cutting edge of innovation in engineering and Smart Factory production operations. By combining engineering talent from the aerospace industry with leading Smart Factory specialist, they help their clients develop systems from ideas to full scale production. CREAN is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) for U.S. government contracting purposes as well as the manufacturing industry sector. The firm is located at 1200 Lakeway Drive, Suite 7, in Austin, Texas. For additional information, call Crean Inc. at (512)-337-6587 or visit https://creaninc.com.