08 Aug: CelestNet – NextGen Lunar Communication System

As part of their commitment to providing unparalleled expertise and space systems solutions to the aerospace & defense industries, CREAN is building CelestNet – a constellation of relay and PNT satellites to provide next generation communications and data services to the solar system.

08 Aug: CREAN Accelerate Manufacturing Performance

CREAN pushes Integration to the next level. CREAN integrates not just Technology Systems, but integrates People, Processes and Technology. Doing that requires Outstanding People, Leading Edge Technology, and Modern, Flexible Process methods that deliver faster, establish competitive cost objectives, and benchmarks game-changing performance.

08 Aug: CREAN Aerospace Engineering Services

CREAN Inc. provides hands-on Aerospace & Defense Engineering Services, Smart Factory Transformation & Implementation Services, and is on the leading edge of lunar communication systems development. We have been integral to the success of some of the most advanced engineered systems in the world. With hundreds of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), CREAN helps organizations with Design, Analysis, Test, and Smart Factory Operations & Logistics as well as contract oversight and assistance.

09 Jun: How CREAN is Creating Interplanetary Communication and Navigation to Drive the Lunar Economy

Hundreds of exploration, commercialization, and scientific lunar missions are planned to launch in the coming years, and all of them will require a high-speed communication and navigation infrastructure to succeed. That’s one of the reasons why CREAN developed CelestNet – Internet for the Solar System.

11 May: Internet Expanding to the Moon and Solar System: CREAN’s CelestNet™ System Fueled by Acquisition of Aquarian Space

Internet Expanding to the Moon and Solar System: CREAN’s CelestNet™ System Fueled by Acquisition of Aquarian Space CelestNet will provide…

01 Mar: CREAN announces Lunar Communications & Navigation Services Development

CREAN announces Lunar Communications & Navigation Services Development Crean, Inc.® and its operating company, Crean & Associates, are excited to…

22 Oct: The Digital Supply Chain podcast: James Crean Talks Smart Factories And Making The Complex Seem Simple

  James Crean featured on The Digital Supply Chain Podcast with Tom Raftery discussing how CREAN provides Smart Factory Transformations…

02 Sep: Austin Business Journal profiles CEO Jennifer Crean

Austin Business Journal Profile: Jennifer Crean brings Texas twist to Austin firm with global perspective   In this Journal Profile,…

25 Aug: CREAN Welcomes John Rotondo to Leadership Team

CREAN Welcomes John Rotondo to Leadership Team Smart Factory technology and aerospace engineering consulting firm CREAN® announced the hire of…

13 Aug: CREAN Announces Partnership with Space Comms Startup Aquarian Space

Smart Factory technology and hands-on aerospace engineering consulting firm CREAN® has announced a new partnership with interplanetary communications provider Aquarian…

19 Jul: Manufacturing Outlook: A Smart Factory Journey – Not Just Tech

James Crean, President and CTO, explains the CREAN people, process, and technology approach to smart factories implementations. Smart factory implementations…

28 May: Manufacturing Talk Radio: A Smart Factory Creates Jobs

James Crean, President and CTO, discusses the engineering services we provide and activities in the aerospace industry, explains the CREAN…

28 May: Jennifer Crean Awarded for Excellence in Leadership by Consulting Magazine’s Women Leaders in Technology Awards

CREAN Inc., a leader in Smart Factory transformations and hands-on aerospace engineering services, is pleased to announce CEO Jennifer Crean…

12 Apr: CREAN, Inc. Partner Vistrada LLC Announces Certified Third-Party Assessor Organization Accreditation

Hands-on aerospace engineering and Smart Factory solutions consulting firm CREAN, Inc. is proud to announce that its partner, Vistrada LLC,…

26 Feb: CREAN Inc. celebrates historic Mars Rover ‘seven minutes of terror’ footage

Aerospace engineering and Smart Factory solutions consulting firm CREAN, Inc. celebrates the successful recording of NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover landing. The…

12 Feb: Keeping It Simple in a Complex Environment

Factories are made up of people, processes and technology and when you bring them all together to operate in an…

11 Feb: Post-Pandemic Operations Must Incorporate Real People into the Automation Process

In Manufacturing Tomorrow, Franco van Heijningen discusses the importance of incorporating people into Smart Factory solutions — during Covid-19 and…

07 Jan: CREAN Inc. Offers Free Access to Contact Tracing Application in 2021

Smart Factory technology solutions firm CREAN, Inc. is offering their COVID-19 contact tracing application free of charge to organizations that…

09 Dec: Crean, Inc. Gears Up for 2021 Smart Factory Technology Advancements

Looking forward into 2021, Smart Factory technology and aerospace engineering consulting firm Crean, Inc. provides key insights based on conversations with industry…

09 Dec: Becoming a Smart Factory

In Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, James Crean of CREAN, Inc. speaks with Michelle Jacobson about what it takes to successfully…

19 Nov: Advanced Waveguide Technologies Selects CREAN Inc. for Capacity Optimization and Smart Factory Technology

Smart Factory Transformation and Aerospace Engineering Services firm CREAN Inc. is pleased to announce its selection by California-based aerospace supply company Advanced…

04 Nov: CCBJ: James Crean on the Future of U.S. Manufacturing

In House Warrior: U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance with James CreaN James Crean, president of Crean Inc., speaks with Richard Levick, chairman…

- Leading Aerospace Company

“Several difficult issues arose and CREAN quickly brought in additional personnel on an ad-hoc basis with the expertise to define a solution and the technical gravitas to convince the customer it was the right approach.”

- Leading Aerospace Company

“Your support is outstanding.  We have super smart engineers, but your 30 years of experience and helping us just a few hours a week in paint & coatings saved us a year or two of missteps or even a mission-ending thermal problem.   Thank you so much for continuing to lend your experience.”

- Leading Aerospace Company

“This relationship is great.  CREAN people aren’t just filling important gaps, but their mentoring of our engineers is outstanding for them and our group long term.  Thank you.  We have some other areas where we think you could help us….”

- Chief Financial Officer

“CREAN’s improvements eliminated 81% of our overtime. That means a 3% bump up in profits and a 250% ROI on our investment in CREAN. I can’t get that ROI anywhere else, that’s for sure!”

- General Manager

“We trust CREAN because they aren’t talkers, they are doers.  They are hands-on and they deliver measurable results.”

- Director NASA / Commercial Programs

“In all aspects of the engagement; engineering, operations, test and programmatic elements, CREAN made sure to educate and train our team.  In the end, the engagement with CREAN wasn’t seen as an expense, it was an investment with recurring dividends.”

- Vice President of Operations

“I got you this bottle of 12-year old scotch.  You had such a positive impact here, I can’t thank you enough.”

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