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CREAN Inc. Offers Free Access to Contact Tracing Application in 2021

Smart Factory technology solutions firm CREAN, Inc. is offering their COVID-19 contact tracing application free of charge to organizations that have a Real Time Location System (RTLS) initiative. CREAN, Inc. has been an industry leader in RTLS solutions used by companies to ensure real time location tracking of work in process (WIP), forklifts, personnel, tools, equipment and other assets.

CREAN, Inc.’s contact tracing application is used to track social distancing and contact tracing. The application tracks an individual’s location in facilities and provides essential information to confirm compliance with social distancing in real-time, as well as historical rankings. Additionally, when a person has reported to their employer that they are infected or possibly infected, companies have the ability to run a query and determine which other employees may be at risk.

“As part of our COVID-19 Task Force, initiated in March-2020 we wanted to provide a contact tracing application that reduces employees’ anxiety by letting them know whether they were in contact with positive cases and if self-quarantine will be required for their health and safety,” said Co-Founder and President, James Crean. “CREAN’s contact tracing application has increased productivity while decreasing anxiety during a critical time for our nation’s workforce.”

A company’s investment made for the RTLS infrastructure used for contact tracing can be transformed to a versatile tracking solution for work in process (WIP), forklifts, personnel, tools, equipment and other assets. Tracking of these valuable resources is critical to increasing visibility throughout an organization, and also helps organizations become more effective in reducing waste and improving overall operational efficiency.

“By using any of CREAN’s tracking applications, company operations will be more efficient, have better data, visibility and insight, as well as process controls in place that will allow you to grow faster and outpace your competitors,” said Vice President of Strategic Operations, Franco van Heijningen.

To learn more about how CREAN’s contact tracing and RTLS tools can serve your business needs and keep your employees safe, please visit https://creaninc.com/covid-19-tracking-tracing-solutions/ or email Bob Specchio directly at [email protected].

CREAN provides services to industries looking to be at the cutting edge of innovation in engineering and Smart Factory production operations. By combining engineering talent from the aerospace industry with leading Smart Factory specialists, they help their clients develop systems from ideas to full scale production. CREAN is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) for U.S. government contracting purposes as well as the manufacturing industry sector. The firm is located at 1200 Lakeway Drive, Suite 7, in Austin, Texas. For additional information, call Crean Inc. at (512)-337-6587 or visit https://creaninc.com.