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CREAN announces Lunar Communications & Navigation Services Development

Crean, Inc.® and its operating company, Crean & Associates, are excited to announce plans for the company to build CelestNet™ lunar communications & navigation service for the numerous missions to the moon in the coming years. There are hundreds of exploration, commercialization, and scientific missions planned by governments and companies from nearly every continent, and they will all require advanced communication capabilities. CREAN’s CelestNet system will provide high data rate, high bandwidth communications equivalent to what most people already experience on earth.

The Crean, Inc. company has a team of hundreds of engineers collaborating to deliver the system in anticipation of the planned Artemis missions that will return astronauts to the moon in 2025 as well as numerous other expected commercial missions to the lunar surface. The system will consist of a constellation of satellites that provide data, voice, and video relay communications services as well as lunar GPS-like navigation services for missions on the lunar surface or in orbit near the moon.

“Our team is working full speed ahead on the next generation of space communication solutions that will extend high bandwidth service into deep space for the very first time. We are tremendously excited about this opportunity to support the extension of humankind into the cosmos,” said Jennifer Crean, CEO of CREAN. “We have an amazing team of partners, a design that is revolutionary, and the resources needed to deliver the system.”

With upcoming missions planned for the far side of the moon in the coming years, the only way to get the data back to earth is via a relay satellite because there is no line of sight for communication otherwise. Jennifer reports that the team has been working for a year and half on developing a very advanced design solution that will provide outstanding commercial service to all users.

Additionally, the CelestNet Position, Navigation, and Timing or PNT service will be provided by a constellation of satellites that will permit lunar robotic or human visitors to have GPS-like service on the moon. “Although they may not have a need for Google Moon Maps on their phone, these missions do need to have accurate location information at all times and our highly accurate systems will help them meet their critical mission requirements,” states John Rotondo, the CelestNet program manager.

John’s previous experience as the Boeing program manager for the development and delivery of NASA’s Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System leads to deep familiarity and expertise with an array of data relay systems. In fact, the CREAN team consists of engineers who at different points in their careers helped develop at least 1/3 of all geosynchronous communication satellites in orbit.

For more information about CelestNet or Crean, Inc. please contact our team at [email protected] or (512) 337-6587.

CREAN is an Austin-based aerospace engineering and smart factory company that not only develops advanced lunar systems, but also provides services that aid in the development of some of the most advanced space and launch systems in the world for many of the most notable organizations in the aerospace industry. CREAN helps companies engineer advanced space, launch and aviation systems and uses proprietary methods and patented AI-driven technologies to produce complex systems
faster and at costs that deliver sustainable global competitiveness. The company of more than 650 engineers was founded in 2002 and has seven functional engineering groups that deliver integrated designs for their clients as well as accelerated supply chain and production solutions. CREAN accelerates ideas to delivery.