COVID Tracking & Tracing Solutions

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CREAN COVID-19 Contact Tracking and Analysis Application

Help keep your employees safe today using tracking & tracing technology from CREAN. Tracking & Tracking Infrastructure can also be used for keeping track of important assets such as Work In Process, High Value Items, Customer Furnished Equipment, Computers, or other assets subject to audits or inventory counts. CREAN’S Covid-19 software is used to track:

Social Distancing

Track people’s locations in a facility such as a factory and provide information on violations of distancing in real-time as well as rankings historically.

Contact Tracing

When a person has reported they are infected or possibly infected to the company, you can run a query to determine other employees at risk.

Uses After COVID for Real Time Location System (RTLS) Hardware

When COVID is over, the hardware can be used to track other assets. Asset tracking is critical to increasing visibility throughout your organization and beyond.  Knowing the precise location of your WIP, Vehicles, Tools, Equipment and personnel helps your organization become more effective in reducing waste and improve your overall operational efficiency. You will be more efficient, have better data, better Visibility, Insight and Process Controls in place that will allow you to grow faster and outpace your competitors.  Plus, you will have a work force that knows you care and have been looking out for their safety. CREAN Asset Tracking Solutions are used by companies to:

  • Ensure Work in Process (WIP), forklifts, test equipment, etc. moves where it is needed next
  • For government contractors, perform real-time Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) Audits and provide immediate corrective action to GFE audit findings
  • Reduce lost time due to searching
  • Analyze the movement of assets to find new efficiencies by reducing travel waste
  • Create GeoZones and associated alerts to flag movements in or out of a GeoZone
  • Track items in building using technologies such as BLE, UWB RTLS, or RFID or globally using GPS
  • Improve worker safety

Safe Workplace Cultures result in happy, engaged employees.  Reduce employee anxiety by letting them know they were not in contact with positive cases, if someone should test positive and self-quarantine only those at risk.

CREAN can help your organization increase productivity and reduce anxiety.

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