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production and supply chain challenges.

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One Team, One Vision

Our integrated operations and technical approach maximize effectiveness, transparency, and mission success through communication and dedicated project staff.

Scalable Support

Find a single expert or build a team that will be responsible for all phases of your program from architecture to launch and keep all the details organized.




Proactive Insight

During onboarding and integration, our team proactively assesses and reviews your program requirements to help identify potential challenges before they become impactful.

Driving Ideas to Execution

Our SMEs understand and integrate your requirements, then take action to create focus and direction for people on the floor to save time and money.




Hit the Ground Running

Get started faster and preserve resources by integrating SMEs that have catalyzed innovation and solved similar problems.

On-time in Any Phase

Rapid deployment of individuals & teams of experts to provide full-service lifecycle engineering support from development through operations to testing and launch.


Your Source for Aerospace and Manufacturing
Expertise for Every Project Phase

Hands-on Engineering

Our seven aerospace engineering teams provide highly-skilled and experienced expertise that will deliver accelerated results.

project teams

Project Teams

Have an idea and need the team to see it through? CREAN has dedicated teams across multiple space and manufacturing disciplines at the ready to help you bring your ideas to fruition.

Interim Experts

Have a specific expertise gap that you need to fill fast? Or maybe just a seasoned professional for QA/QC and testing? CREAN can help you find the right engineer to align with the challenge at hand.

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Factory Optimization

Optimizing people, processes, and technology for successful supply chains in high-mix and custom manufacturing.

Operational Excellence Assessments

Fast track your path to market leadership in any industry. Determine where you stand and which areas should be improved today to achieve excellence tomorrow.

Delivery Optimization & Innovation

Need to accelerate delivery, optimize your supply chain, or level up your tech? Our manufacturing experts are here to help you innovate, ideate, and optimize your manufacturing facility and ensure your supply chain delivers quality products on schedule.

Crean 7 levels of Manufacturing.1 1



CelestNet Logo. Internet for the Solar System.

Provides real-time data, voice, and high-definition video communication services that will open up possibilities for exploration and commercialization in upcoming missions to the moon and beyond.

High bandwidth bi-directional data, video, voice, and text

Always-on telemetry, command, and mission data service

Scalable, high-capacity system means no competing for service

Flexible, multi-channel, multi-protocol to meet your requirements

High bandwidth bi-directional data, video, voice, and text

Always-on telemetry, command, and mission data service

Scalable, high-capacity system means no competing for service

Flexible, multi-channel, multi-protocol to meet your requirements

Illustration of a sattelite

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We trust CREAN because they aren’t talkers, they are doers. They are hands-on and they deliver measurable results.”

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Rocket Scientist. Manufacturing Expert. Every Time, Call Crean.

Sometimes it is rocket science and finding the right expertise can be challenging. You can count on CREAN to find you the right individual the right individual or team to get the job done.


  • Engineering Firms
  • Public Agencies
  • Commercial Space Enterprise
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Staffing Agencies


  • Project/Program Managers
  • NASA Directors
  • Defense Leadership
  • Space Entrepreneurs
  • HR Professionals
  • Recruiters
  • Executives


  • Satellites
  • Bus Launches
  • QA/QC & Third Party Reviews
  • Manufacturing Optimization
  • Digital Transformations

Make Crean Your Support Team

It is our people that set us apart.  It is not just the skillset they bring, but the ability to respond quickly to the next challenge.  Whether it is a new project that needs just the right system architect, a complete experienced project team that can hit the ground running, or a client that wants to help a supplier ramp up to new customer demand, the CREAN team delivers rapid results.


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