08 Aug: CelestNet – NextGen Lunar Communication System

As part of their commitment to providing unparalleled expertise and space systems solutions to the aerospace & defense industries, CREAN is building CelestNet – a constellation of relay and PNT satellites to provide next generation communications and data services to the solar system.

08 Aug: CREAN Accelerate Manufacturing Performance

CREAN pushes Integration to the next level. CREAN integrates not just Technology Systems, but integrates People, Processes and Technology. Doing that requires Outstanding People, Leading Edge Technology, and Modern, Flexible Process methods that deliver faster, establish competitive cost objectives, and benchmarks game-changing performance.

08 Aug: CREAN Aerospace Engineering Services

CREAN Inc. provides hands-on Aerospace & Defense Engineering Services, Smart Factory Transformation & Implementation Services, and is on the leading edge of lunar communication systems development. We have been integral to the success of some of the most advanced engineered systems in the world. With hundreds of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), CREAN helps organizations with Design, Analysis, Test, and Smart Factory Operations & Logistics as well as contract oversight and assistance.

09 Jun: How CREAN is Creating Interplanetary Communication and Navigation to Drive the Lunar Economy

Hundreds of exploration, commercialization, and scientific lunar missions are planned to launch in the coming years, and all of them will require a high-speed communication and navigation infrastructure to succeed. That’s one of the reasons why CREAN developed CelestNet – Internet for the Solar System.

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