Antennas, Arrays &
Optics (AAO) Team

Our antenna, arrays and optics team provides capabilities from Reflector/phased array unit and component level design, analysis, and test to payload subsystem/system design, development, test and analysis. Our optical system capabilities include design and analysis of laser/comm links and waveguide technology.

RF systems Design, Analysis & Test

  • Payload Subsystem Engineering, Spec Development
  • System Performance Analysis & Simulation
  • RF Link Budgets, End-to-End Performance Analysis
  • EIRP, G/T, Special Waveforms
  • Composites & Stable Mechanical Design & Analysis
  • High Power, Multipactor, Corona (Ionization Breakdown)
  • PIM Elimination & Testing
  • Anechoic NF/FF Range Testing

Phased Arrays / Antenna Analysis & Test

  • GRASP Analysis
  • Phased Array Subsystem & Component Design
  • Reflector Antennas, Axial Symmetric, Offset
  • Multiple Apertures
  • Feed Component Design
  • Amplifiers, Linearizers, Converters
  • Payload Electronics

Optical & cross-functional solutions

  • Optical Systems Design, Optical Benches
  • Beam Waveguide Systems
  • Thermally Stable Structures
  • Payload Performance Optimization
  • Laser Communications & Cross-Links
  • Complex Deployable Systems
our teams use cutting edge engineering tools:
- Leading Aerospace Company

“Several difficult issues arose and CREAN quickly brought in additional personnel on an ad-hoc basis with the expertise to define a solution and the technical gravitas to convince the customer it was the right approach.”

- Leading Aerospace Company

“Your support is outstanding.  We have super smart engineers, but your 30 years of experience and helping us just a few hours a week in paint & coatings saved us a year or two of missteps or even a mission-ending thermal problem.   Thank you so much for continuing to lend your experience.”

- Leading Aerospace Company

“This relationship is great.  CREAN people aren’t just filling important gaps, but their mentoring of our engineers is outstanding for them and our group long term.  Thank you.  We have some other areas where we think you could help us….”

- Chief Financial Officer

“CREAN’s improvements eliminated 81% of our overtime. That means a 3% bump up in profits and a 250% ROI on our investment in CREAN. I can’t get that ROI anywhere else, that’s for sure!”

- General Manager

“We trust CREAN because they aren’t talkers, they are doers.  They are hands-on and they deliver measurable results.”

- Director NASA / Commercial Programs

“In all aspects of the engagement; engineering, operations, test and programmatic elements, CREAN made sure to educate and train our team.  In the end, the engagement with CREAN wasn’t seen as an expense, it was an investment with recurring dividends.”

- Vice President of Operations

“I got you this bottle of 12-year old scotch.  You had such a positive impact here, I can’t thank you enough.”

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